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ArcheAge Launching!

[$] ArmyKnife a posted Sat at 9:47
ArcheAge will be entering Open Beta on the 4th, and 'Early Access' on the 12th. The game officially launches on the 16th! I'll be posting on the forums with regards to my plans for TBSQ to exploit the economy play the game soon. I'll also put up some recommended builds for people who haven't had a chance to try any of the beta releases.
Because I forgot a power cord. Sorry!!! This should be sorted out by Sunday.
Hello Everyone,

Our Minecraft server will be coming down temporarily as of 7/09/14. I'll be making a backup of the world before bringing it down and put it up on Mega so it can be recovered in the event that I forget my encryption keys. This means the server will be back up within the weekend, hopefully on the evening of 7/10/14.

 - ArmyKnife

EDITED: Corrected the date of downtime. I need to pack my car tonight, so the server is coming along too.

The Black Square Rules & Organization


1.       No-one may act in a way that is hostile to any race, religion, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation
2.       All Community members must be respectful to other community members at all times

3.       Rules for promotion through community ranks are described in their respective organization subsection

Violations of rules may be reported to any game officer or community officer (Game Admin or Comm. Admin)


·        Community Administrator

o   Community Administrators are responsible for the community as a whole

o   Community Administrators do not manage individual games nor do they have a guaranteed officer position in games

o   Community Administrators must abide by community rules at all times, and are the ultimate authority for enforcement of said rules

o   Community Administrators may act unilaterally in individual rules enforcements but must report their actions, and it is highly recommended that Comm. Admins confer with other Comm. Admins before taking any actions.

o   Community Administrators may overrule Game Administrators in enforcement of community rules only.

·        Game Administrator

o   Game Administrators are responsible for enforcement of game rules and management of their assigned game(s)

o   Game Administrators are responsible for creating game-specific rules and organizational structures

o   Game Administrators may not create game-specific rules that are in violation of community rules and are held to the highest standards of behavior

·        Community Veteran

o   Community Veterans may vote in community elections during meetings

o   Community Veterans are guaranteed basic member slots with all the accorded rights and responsibilities in any game they wish to play with the community

o   May be given officer positions within individual games, pursuant to the rules and responsibilities of said game

o   Only Veterans may be promoted to Game Administrator

§  Pursuant to decisions made by Comm. Admins.

o   Must have been an active member for at least one month to become a Veteran

§  Veteran Status requires a vote of confidence from at least five other veterans

§  Any single vote of no confidence of said non-veteran requires review by at least one community administrator

§  If the vote of confidence fails the Member may apply for Veteran again in two weeks

·        Community Member

o   Community Members have access to all channels in the Mumble Server

o   Community Members are guaranteed basic member slots with all the accorded rights and responsibilities in any game they wish to play with the community

o   May not be given officer positions in any games

·        Community Recruit

o   Community Recruits are contingent community members

o   Must demonstrate compliance with community rules and game rules

o   After two weeks of membership may be promoted by their respective game community to community member status

§  The method of Community Member promotion is dependent on the game’s organization and rules

Hey guys, sorry for lagging a bit behind on this, but this is SUPER IMPORTANT. Change your Enjin passwords and any similar passwords immediately. I cannot stress this enough.

For those who are unaware, Heartbleed is a major security hole that has existed in one of the largest security standards (OpenSSL) on the internet. Enjin is one of a number of websites that used this security standard. The long and short is that all encrypted data sent to and from Enjin can be decrypted so long as it was captured. Any users who were logged in when attacks were taking place over the past two years could also have had their usernames and passwords revealed in plaintext.

Here's a list of affected websites, via Wikipedia:
In addition if you're using LibreOffice, that was affected as well. In fact, while the above list includes Tumblr, all of Yahoo was vulnerable. Furthermore any hosting architecture that involved an OpenSSL-dependent piece could have had traffic analyzed at one point or another, even if the main part of their server architecture never used OpenSSL.

For more information:
Test sites to verify their security

Furthermore, grab HTTPS Everywhere and enable the SSL Observatory. This'll help keep you safe from a variety of different attacks as well as maintain certificate authenticity. Make sure, if you're using Chrome or IE, to check the box in your options that checks for SSL Certificate Revocations.
[$] ArmyKnife a Since I can't seem to edit my post here, here's a VERY comprehensive list of passwords that need to be changed: http://m ...
Still is going to be better than episode 7
Rejoice? Gareth Edwards(Behind the latest Godzilla) is doing a star wars spin off?
Up and running thanks Bleeding!! :)
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